Experimental Motion

Experimental Motion

In this game, I really looked badly for a perex, I mean the picture you see on our website first. Well I worked out something, but now more to the game. It is a combination of arcade and logic, but logic ... mostly. Perhaps more like the arcade, it is.

The name tells what the game is about, therefore, about movement and experimentation, I changed it a bit for many experiments. You control a light blade, or rather a comet (with W, A, S, D) and jumps are controlled by the space bar if you need more, you can jump and double jump. The moves are limited, the remaining number you can see and therefore plan your actions more wisely. All the time you collect little widgets that give you combo points or bonuses. If you are fast enough and quickly walk through the maze, you will also get a solid bonus additional points. So this is not meditation rather slow, but much more quickly. Unfortunately, the file is quite large, but nowadays would not be a problem.

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Experimental Motion Experimental Motion

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