At first I thought that it was a TD, alas. This game is quite another matter and another is the simple style and principle, and it's extremely catchy. Pity only those psycho colors.

About this game does not really write many lines, but maybe something after all. The game starts immediately after startup, do not let it be you surprised , as indeed is no menu and the game controls only the spacebar. You control some four points that move and just press the space bar to change their trajectory. Your job is to by control of these points to just pick up illuminating points. First, you have just a few obstacles in the way but eventually will be added various other lines to which you may not bump. Furthermore, you may not encounter barriers or the edge of the map, or simply repeat the level. It really is just a pity the graphics that may look retro, the most likely to act psychotic, but I did not appreciate it fully.

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