Marble Arena 2

Marble Arena 2

You are going roll, roll and roll. It’s no surprise when you control a ball through various levels and collect stars to get further plus some bonuses to deal with obstacles.
Control a ball and try to get enough points. The main goal is getting stars and according their colors you are priced with points. The next thing to do is hitting other balls, jumping on platforms and over holes and much more obstacles. But these aren’t the only difficult moments.
The main problem is control where the ball slips a bit. The most FRUSTRATING moments are jumps, changes in gravitations and bounces. Sometimes, it really feels overcombinated and overfilled. If you survive these things you will really enjoy the game. Creative players may try editor and more maps can be found on the authors’ website.

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Marble Arena 2 Marble Arena 2 Marble Arena 2 Marble Arena 2 Marble Arena 2 Marble Arena 2

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