Mash Man

Mash Man

Have occasional giant foot has its advantages and disadvantages. Regarding this case, then the game ends, I feel like a shovels I did not really want. Let's look into the life of treading grapes.

Treading and crushing the grapes, this guy keeps a level that in his village. One day however someone arrives with the modernization of business and people buy mechanical machines. It follows that this bumpkin is in the village no longer needed and so he leaves. This is just the arcade, but many things, except for a few tack and then the main boss will not be addressed. However, sometimes hidden bonus level, which extends at least the brevity of the game, but to find I did not succeed (maybe I should not stomp the little kids ). As for graphics, this is not bad, but the more I was intrigued by music and sounds. The best was probably an indicator of health, so if you have some injury, a finger from the foot fall, beautiful that, isn't it?

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Mash Man Mash Man Mash Man Mash Man

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