This boy looks like the Megamen, but I'm not really sure. What is sure is that most of my games reviews, is action games, shooters and strategy and just about nothing for children. Today I decided to fit into smaller pants and a little bit to improve my image towards children.

Mathman doll's name and it corresponds to the majority of tasks. At first it is about jumping, a classic arcade game, but once you encounter an enemy, or teleport, so you do not shoot, but must count instead. You will always have a numeric test and you must calculate. Even though the game is in Dutch, so the difficulty choice is simple by level, the first is easy, the second normal, and the third is hard, so difficult. According to this depends on the complexity of the exercises. You count on a simple plus and minus and the complex and multiply. If you make a mistake, you lose one life. Beware of fire or falls into the spikes, you immediately bring the end of the game. At the end you can expect big boss, while you are destroying it in a similar manner. I admit that I really enjoyed the game and I think everyone likes to abstain from multitude of blood for awhile.

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Twister | 19.03.12 am31 01:00

Yeah, good educative game. You never know where your name appears ;)

Mitchell Viehoff | 18.03.12 pm31 23:53

I have to say I am quite surprised to see a review of a game I did for a school project. I am very happy you enjoyed it. I never expected my game to get outside of school to be honest :P



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