Milo Applequest

Milo Applequest

An evil villain has stolen all the apples for itself, but removed the hero that it does not interfere. And now it's up to you to get all the apples back. Frantic journey begins.

This is a fairly good quality and nice looking platformer. And so any fan of the genre should not miss it.

You control the raccoon, who runs like crazy and collects red fruit, probably to bake delicious strudel. At the beginning you move in a kind of labyrinth, where you access levels. The unlock is conditional on a sufficient number of golden apples. So now to get the golden apple. Sure you have not overlooked that apples are actually pretty a plenty each round. There are exactly one hundred and if you pick up all, gold variant of red fruit shows in the world. Already in the first level, which serves as a tutorial,so don't leave anything. Apples also drop from destroyed enemies and broken walls. Go through the levels is relatively simple and traditional obstacles await you type climb, jump, smash destroy, but also the time trials you encounter. In those you must have one hundred percent the number of fruits collected in a relatively tough time limit. True, there are some little clocks adding precious seconds, but still you will rush to the exit (and of course again to collect the damn apple ...).

Aye in short everything you need. Enjoy a very good and good looking title.

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Milo Applequest Milo Applequest Milo Applequest Milo Applequest

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