Newton Adventure

Newton Adventure

Are you able to turn the world upside down or in 360 degrees? Until you play Newton Adventure you won’t be. With this skill there are many possibilities but the most important things here are key, doors and apples.
You control a guy who travels through four worlds and tries finding keys to open doors. But by ordinary jumping it’s impossible. So rotate the whole worlds to fall, fly and move with your hero and reach for the keys. And that’s the whole pro and con of the game. The maps are sometimes huge filled with traps and deadly objects. So remembering safe path in and out is difficult. The health is represented by apples which can be collected.

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devnewton | 04.03.12 am31 00:51

Thank you for reviewing my game! In the next version, I will add a minimap to help player to find his way through the huge levels.


Newton Adventure Newton Adventure Newton Adventure Newton Adventure

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