Panda Rampage

Panda Rampage

Panda is a predator, like most beasts, but this is a little higher dietary dais as it has an appetite for human flesh. It is not a quiet game and it is not really suitable for little children, but it really is fun.
First, let me explain the principle. In each level you have to eat all human opponents and after their disposal you can move to the next level. The problem is that your health all the time declines and to recuperate you need to keep eating. Either you stay feasting on normal food such as fruit, vegetables or fish, or try to eat just what is needed most ( humans ). First, you must cut them either using a simple attack, or special, which can be used only if you have more than a half life energy. Your victims are able to defend themselves and either their self-defense, or traps in different levels may show you game over screen and next try. The graphics are nice, cartoon style and the sounds are very realistic. Today it may be a first time I wrote a minus, that the game is brutal.

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Panda Rampage Panda Rampage Panda Rampage

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