Psycho Waluigi

Psycho Waluigi

Let’s play as one bad guy toady. Waluigi doesn’t look so but he gets here one powerful skill which gives him psychical power. This may be the game of the month.
You surely know Mario but one of his mortal enemies Waluigi isn’t so popular as him. This game can give him some higher popularity level thanks several reasons. The whole game system is almost the same as Mario but … the game turns to be much better. Thanks your supernatural power you can grab, throw or use many items and enemies. There is numerous worlds and you can even buy bonus items for gained coins. This all is in nice retro graphics. Audio? Perfect. I only recommend to turn of the one button control warning.

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Psycho Waluigi Psycho Waluigi Psycho Waluigi Psycho Waluigi

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