Saga of the Ugly 2

Saga of the Ugly 2

Saga of the Ugly 2 has no special story about its creation. The author only decided to participate in on competition and created one spooky game. Well, you won’t be afraid to much but this GameMaker game has its pros.
The whole thing can be described as adventure of one slime or just strange guy who must some task to do. As you travel through the game you face problems, enemies and very dark places. You light some area around you but it’s no big deal. This light thing saves Saga of the Ugly from the average world. I should say that the game offers some special enemies where you have to use your brain. The control is simple and the game is easy to play.

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orange08 | 02.02.12 pm29 15:31

Bret Hudson was not the only author of this game. We collaborated on it ;O


Saga of the Ugly 2 Saga of the Ugly 2 Saga of the Ugly 2

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