Can you look after pretty unruly flock of sheep? Would you dare to work hard as herder ? Try your luck and get hire to decently paid, but a little uncertain profession. Step by step walk through four loading tests, which include not just drive the sheep into the pen, but also sorting by gender and pass through a wild river.

Sheep really watch out and just a little movement and they run into deep forest. It is therefore necessary to use a sophisticated tactics to prevent the frantic dash and make them run in the correct direction and thus to ready pen.

Remember, the subsequent counting of sheep must not miss one, otherwise you will have to level again. While your whole flock is stabled nicely, but you still fail? Dog buried this time lies in a long time lag, which seems you have spent over expanding sheep. It is necessary to accelerate efforts.

If you dare to try more difficult discipline as the drive of sheep by gender, you probably find that your quest doesn't earn much support by the shaggy creatures. Running around a classic in its herd and if you are wrong and sheep finds itself in another playpen, number of catches drops a little lower.

Pass through lively river, weaving between trees and crossing the muddy puddle is a real challenge. We need to ensure that individual pieces stick together and mainly need to be alert when crossing rivers. Poor sheep don't realize what danger they are exposed and are very easy to find death in the waves.

Sheep Game while at first glance seems simple enough, but do not be fooled by graphics. Gameplay is absolutely fantastic and single disciplines very catchy.

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