Sky Taxi

Sky Taxi

Sky Taxi is a platform jumper with all the trimmings. The hero is the mouse in red outfit, who will liberate creatures closed in gold cages while collecting gems and a variety of delicacies. Accumulate the most points possible and chew trough until the very end of the game.

Rarely seen control with mice, and it is trademark to Sky Taxi. Navigate by dragging the mouse and left button to jump. The rest will take care by the very structure of the game, as the authors put into levels a lot of jump fields, clouds, enchanting platform, etc. On the way pick up everything you can. It will be such as melons, bananas, as well as gems and gold. It is important to free the fairies inside the golden cage. Just when you touch them. The path will be complicated by a variety of creatures, from bats and armored turtles ending. Everyone can be destroyed by jumping, but be careful to jump right on their head, if you touch them such as edge, subtract your life. To open doors, or to teleport a player can use the right mouse button. Often inside the level you see a special gate. To get into the premium level, it is necessary to obtain the card. For the majority of the true gold coins, which can be found somewhere around. Again, use the right button. Premium levels are on time. For example, in a simple Arkanoid you have two minutes to destroy all the bricks, etc. You can collect in there a pile of points, so it is best to participate. If the player is going through levels without collecting points, it could be boring, levels consist of only one screen, so it is good to make the most of it.

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Sky Taxi Sky Taxi Sky Taxi Sky Taxi Sky Taxi

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