Sonic Origins 2

Sonic Origins 2

When I was playing this game a cheering showed up. This Sonic is really well-done and brings the old good gameplay. The story is classic Dr. Robotnik in his flying bath turns the animals into robots. When he bumps into the hedgehog the fun is over. You run through levels that are original and they are split into three parts. Collect rings and try to jump over spikes, pitfalls and destroy the enemies. It's a really absolute classic bringing some nostalgic feeling. There is a key in every round that unlocks bonus rounds where you can get an emerald. The other things brining fresh air is stars. When you get enough points you get a star as well and unlocked another bonus level. The only thing I disliked was the system of saves, in my case it didn't work.

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Sonic Origins 2 Sonic Origins 2 Sonic Origins 2 Sonic Origins 2 Sonic Origins 2

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