Sprint - King of the Jungle

Sprint - King of the Jungle

Little lion in a big jungle. He cannot do much of anything, just run, jump and scream. Just pick up all points in the level and enter the exit. What a great platform jumper.

I perceive the company Lionsoft as a producer of high quality games in a cute retro graphics that excel in game-play and entertainment. Lion adventure is no exception.

In the full-screen levels you control a lion, a severely stunted, with which you have to collect all the marbles. Their number is visible at the top right icon. At the same spot you can find timeout timer. It serves to receive a special medal and finish the round in that limit is something for hardcore gamers and on a first date with this game, it is something you can ignore. To collect all the points on the board is not just so easy. It's a matter of jumping across pits, spines and a little puzzle solving (not anything really rough) when you look for hidden marbles or yell at the animals, which block the way. This is quite an important aspect of the game - the roar of a lion. This can be done after eating three pieces of a fruit. And sometimes only after that you may well get down to perform the level.

It’s a good pastime for lovers of platform jumpers.

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Sprint - King of the Jungle Sprint - King of the Jungle Sprint - King of the Jungle Sprint - King of the Jungle Sprint - King of the Jungle

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