Strike Ball 3

Strike Ball 3

3D arkanoids recently became fashion, so it is not surprising that there was another, this time named Strike Ball 3 and is really worth watching. Play and judge for yourself. Breaking up everything that comes your way, while earn bonuses and collect points. Can you get to the end?

This pun is on the player's incredibly mild. Not only the ball is initially very quiet, you might say, slow, but the number of lives is more than five, even you have up to ten lives, and this number may be even higher, if you catch the heart during the fight. Press the left mouse button and it started. The ball flew off the platform, and boldly makes way trough playing surface. It destroys everything that comes his way, except metal barriers that serve to complicate the situation. The fact that the object cannot break you know immediately. Besides the visual effects you still hear the metallic clash and you will understand everything. The levels are not long, they have enormous dynamism and momentum. Bonuses for you literally raining. But in addition to positive sometimes a bad one's disadvantage. But no, it would be fun. Why get all the fun without a fight. Even some hard work can be a real victory. A victory after is more palatable.

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Strike Ball 3 Strike Ball 3 Strike Ball 3 Strike Ball 3 Strike Ball 3

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