The Island of a God

The Island of a God

Platformer parade, where we find ourselves in the skin of such a normal guy on a little bit abnormal island ruled by God himself. Well it's not much, since losing five elements, and after our hero he wants it found and returned. Can you meet all of that?

Our guy finds himself on the island thanks to the hit of the meteorite to the aircraft, which he flew. He's suggesting that something is wrong and so it is, too. Crash is at an island where God loses essential elements. You must find it for him and believe that you can expect a bunch of fun and jumping. The entire island is divided into six sections, where of each you must find five different elements. Usually involves a combination of jumping as high, falling as low as possible and a lot of dodging. To get to the fourth element is the need to collect from the other, which gives some the ability, for example, and you can break a piece of rock that blocks the way, etc. It is not about playing for hours and hours, but a couple of minutes it will certainly take . Variegation is the occasional humor.

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The Island of a God The Island of a God The Island of a God The Island of a God

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