The Pac-Man

The Pac-Man

What was the original Pac-Man missing? Probably different levels and worlds. This changes now because we are going into one big Pac-Man world.
Our rounded and dot eating hero doesn’t have anything more to eat so he goes for his utopia dream. Over 70 levels in various areas separate him and his dream city. The goal? Eat all the dots and avoid ghosts. The beginning is more about learning the rules and basics so the late game gets more ghosts, items and special content. Nothing is perfect and here the control can be really imperfect. When you want to get into a corridor so you have to turn right or left and sometimes our hero just doesn’t react and time. The timing is very important but you can die, you just have to repeat the level until you bet it.

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The Pac-Man The Pac-Man The Pac-Man The Pac-Man

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