Played anyone Mirrors Edge, Portal or other cool game, which had used as a content free-running? Whether answer positively or negatively, you probably know what I mean. In this game is in store for you so much movement, as you forget the outside world.

Genre in which this game comes shall be a very poorly defined. You will find there is motion in the corridors, as well as open spaces. Also included is logical thinking, but what is it? This game is kind of platformer, where successful overcoming level means passing the entire map from the beginning to the connection to the next level. From the first steps you start noticing that many jobs require precise timing in the form of outgoing spikes or fans, to give you a much faster movement. Each level has a slightly different challenge. Sometimes it is sufficient to run trough flooding maze, sometimes jump across boulders on the map, which fall down on you or disappear under your feet. Some of you will also require a little thinking, but not so much that it would discouraged you. All in fantastic 3D graphics.

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