Warp will catch you and won't leave you for quite long time. This game becomes after rather dull start an excellent jump and run game in advanced levels.
You control a small avatar, who must get soon to the door. This door leads to another round. You must jump across various platforms, it is not possible to go straight. When you get stuck, jump to a rim of the screen and you reappear on the other end. There you you land on a solid ground. These transfers go vertically and horizontally too. Simple principle is complicated by obstacles and thorns, while sometimes you must stop and think about your way to avoid dead ends. Don't forget opponents, white persons with similar skills, so it is quite coincidental to compute your motion along. There are moments, when you must destroy them by jumping on their heads in a precise moment. At least you have infinite number of lives and power ups. The levels are designed so you must first gather some boosting, which will enable you to perform better in various areas. For example longer and higher jump and or invincibility, without it you may abandon all hope to finish a level successfully. Thanks to solid controls and game-play, this is a worth-playing game.

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Warp Warp Warp Warp Warp

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