Poker Squares

Poker Squares

I personally love the Poker, a popular game and nowadays we are having an increasing number of players. But today is not about the money, but purely on logic and a bit of luck. I'm sure you also mark a period of Solitaire or Pasians.

You start with the selection of table, it is just a background, so it is up to you if you prefer to fly through space or the sound of rain. Then comes straight game. It is building and putting cards on the playing surface so you create two, three, straights, and so on. After the playing fields run full, the game will calculate what you have achieved as well as your score. Unfortunately, you will often require a bit of luck, since the cards you are not choosing, but are given to you directly from the package, but fortune is inherent to cards. For me personally it was a great game for a short while, but probably also I get to her back. Highly recommended.

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Poker Squares Poker Squares Poker Squares Poker Squares

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