Cradle Of Persia

Cradle Of Persia

Everyone is certain to know The prince of Persia, but cradle of Persia have seen just a few. If you are curious, then enter this peculiar game full of hot sand, cool oases and great adventure. Solve puzzles and delve deeper into ancient realm.
You build a city and need to gather resources and generate cash flow. On a gaming area are placed various objects, like gold coins, flowers, wood, diamonds and the like. Some of them are positioned on brown plate. These are crucial, because you have to destroy them all. It is important to locate largest group of objects of one type. You mark it by mouse and drag and as soon as you do it, the group vanishes. On its place moves another one. The quicker you solve it, the bigger bonus you get for that level. Considering how much resources you gather, you are able to extend your oasis. Some levels are resource rich, however other are just a stepping stone to the next. Graphical presentation is beautiful and so is tender audio.

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Cradle Of Persia Cradle Of Persia Cradle Of Persia Cradle Of Persia Cradle Of Persia