Empire Of The Gods

Empire Of The Gods

In Egypt it boils a little now, but if you want to visit it at least virtually and have to go back hundreds of years ago, run the Empire of the Gods. Build your own, using common sense and ingenuity,ancient building or an obelisk. Can you outwit the mysterious cards?

The game itself is a bit difficult to understand. The basis of the building - an obelisk, mastaba, pyramid, etc. For each building you need a particular type of material. On the playing surface you will see four circles of different colors, namely, Power - blue, Wealth - yellow, Faith -purple and Life - green. For each circle are the cards that represent what will be transformed into what. For example, we have a card with a green top and inside is the gold coin for example, means that Life will be transformed in a number of coins. Your task is to obtain a specified number of raw materials by constant adding up and exchanging card in another card. Sometimes you can get help from the so-called Fame and card placed on the same pile. Time is your enemy as well as you can not state that the cards run out. If you find the card on your desktop with the same upper and lower edges, it's a bonus that you could use in certain circumstances to add glory or material. These cards are few and often mean something in return. So, where you will add, may elsewhere (and just where they want) substract, etc. The levels are usually divided into two separate parts and their complexity increases rapidly with each other.

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Empire Of The Gods Empire Of The Gods Empire Of The Gods Empire Of The Gods Empire Of The Gods

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