Gift Quest: Christmas Edition

Gift Quest: Christmas Edition

Christmas, Christmas coming! Experience the magical atmosphere of being snowy and full of beautiful gifts, which is eagerly waiting to reveal its wrapped secrets. Dip into sweet idleness in the midst of a lovely melody that accompanies us a Christmas mood. Once you enter the glittering world, you won't be able to break away from the colored packages laid under great fir with lots of beautiful decorations.
At the beginning a faithfully rendered cast of Christmas enchants you, which reeks of the ubiquitous peace and tranquility. If you want more passive rest, we may choose from the offer the game, which is not time limited. Here you can be fully implemented without any stress or rush. Gift Quest consists of a total of four modes, from which we choose according to your mood the most convenient. Each is designed on the same principle. In a minefield of squared cheerful decorations and trees, we must always draw at least three of the same theme. It then disappears and its spot takes the other. The game has several levels, each of which need to accumulate a certain number of points,then we can move to the next level. If you choose a race against time on each individual's success is attributed to us precious points in addition to a few extra seconds. If you prefer puzzles and jigsaw, puzzle form for us is perfect. With overlaps of the themes we achieve at the end was left not a single piece. The game may boast very sophisticated graphics that literally overwhelmed us with bright colors and petty detail. Children surely fall in love with Gift Quest immediately and may also recall the Christmas atmosphere whenever desired.

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Gift Quest: Christmas Edition Gift Quest: Christmas Edition Gift Quest: Christmas Edition

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