Kyodai Mahjongg

Kyodai Mahjongg

Download a game that will entertain you only because its roots go into the history of the East. Play with stones displaying several pictures and get to an empty game are. Can you be good tactic and not being unsettled by easy moves?
At first we choose what mode we want to play. There is a version for two players too so ask someone to play with you. After you choose you start playing. Do not be nervous of the time limit or the hint after you do not know the next step. The principle is well known but for those who play for the first time I will explain it a bit. On the playing area is a pyramid of stones with many pictures. You goal is to take away the stones. You can take only the couples with the same picture. Exceptions are seasons. The other problem is when the stone is between tree other stones you cannot take it away too. If you cannot take any stone you will see blinking text in the bottom of the screen. All is in Czech so good for young players without the English knowledge. For foreigners - sorry

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Kyodai Mahjongg Kyodai Mahjongg Kyodai Mahjongg Kyodai Mahjongg Kyodai Mahjongg

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