Loop Raccord

Loop Raccord

Once again, an incredibly original piece, which is perhaps one of a kind. The description of such games is always a bit of a problem, because you don't want to spoil everything. I can hint, that you will have something to do with movies of all kinds.

This is an experiment, I think that is certainly a game you either love or hate. The point is that you always see several frames with a few seconds from different movies. Your job is always a little window so the timing to coincide with the previous object in motion. Namely always something or just move comes on one side and something leaves, in turn by moving sails somewhere and your job is to manage everything is timed so that a smooth transfer from one little window into the next little window. Yes it sounds crazy, would be best if you look in help, which is in the game and immediately you'll know. Certainly highlight the idea that it is absolutely genuine.

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Loop Raccord Loop Raccord Loop Raccord Loop Raccord

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