Madrisa at first sight recalls the typical Tetris game. But make no mistake, all may not be as it seems. Here the activity does not restrict your efforts to save a mere bricks and blocks at the appropriate place, but you need to observe more of the details as composing room apartment and the mere compliance with rooms size is not enough.

Do not look only to the austere image processing, which is somewhat restricted to schematic representation. But much more than focus on individual details. Sure, you do not know exactly how a given lounge furniture abounds and if you should rely only on your artistic style, you probably never got to the end of the game.

Your view will certainly not miss a few little by little people who inhabit the room. Above each of them raises colored thought bubble that is most important to you. According to it, structure the incoming rooms. Residents can suggest which rooms should be adjacent to their homes. However, it should be noted one more little thing. You must arrange for the little people somehow got into their assigned room when placed next to their apartment.

How can this be achieved? Note the small brown boxes, also located on the sides of each room. An appropriate combination of two doors you have the perfect pass, which the tenant can use and pass swiftly into the newly annexed room.

To meet the need of each level is to combine a number of housing units so by the end you will not have a single hall or room remaining.

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