Rune Of Fate

Rune Of Fate

The ancient runes always had the magic of unknown, and few people know how to decipher these strange symbols. Play with them a simple game, where you will not have to search for meaning, but the similarities. Can you find all the pairs in the level?

As I mentioned earlier, we are looking for a pair. On the playing surface are placed special oval stones, each one stone contains some character rune. Usually in the area are couples. Your task is to reveal these couples and pick the shortest possible time interval. But it is often a matter of chance. Couples are not always obvious and sometimes you find one after you reveal many and many adjacent stones. If you happen to see a trio, you have options, but beware! Very often on this choice depends the course of the next game. If you choose wrong, it can happen that you will not find another pair already. Even in this case, however, not all is lost. Freak quickly offers a collection of stones and you guess which one is the one which you are looking for. If you succeed, you continue with level as if nothing had happened. The probability of finding the right stone is one to five, a relatively high probability. Just make your right choice. If you make a bad decision, do not worry, you can repeat the level. It should be noted that this is a game more for children, because the mature ones may find it trivial.

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Lenka Skanderová / Margueritte


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Rune Of Fate Rune Of Fate Rune Of Fate Rune Of Fate

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Yes, maybe a bit slow for these days but looks really cool.
04.08.2014 am31 00:19:52

I love it! A great game!
03.08.2014 pm31 18:48:38

and beta seveices
26.07.2014 pm31 16:46:46

ben betayı sevecem umarım
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