Secrets of the Vatican

Secrets of the Vatican

It’s said if the Vatican library, guarded by the inquisitors, opens we would find out many interesting things. What hides this well-made game? The name of it may say Vatican but you will visit many other places.
The main motive is Christianity. The player won’t be hurt knowing something about the Jesus story. There is no need to know the scripture but you should handle English well. The levels are drafted into two styles. The first is having some words and their meaning is hidden in the picture and the second thing is searching certain items. When you find everything, the finale awaits you. There you search only one item which can be taken with. With every new thing you put together the story. The pictures are truly various. Some are so simple and almost empty so you find the needed things quite easy and with some other creation you need hint. Good graphics and audio.

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Secrets of the Vatican Secrets of the Vatican Secrets of the Vatican Secrets of the Vatican Secrets of the Vatican

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