Shopping Marathon

Shopping Marathon

Shopping is ussualy the domain of women, but do not worry, this game will surely entertain the gentlemen too. Your task is to best utilize a certain amount of money. Can you do this? Because if not, the game will show you always the same windows . And certainly you do not prefer this way.

On the screen you will see a set of bubbles with the goods. First, it will be a fruit, then other food and gradually you will work out for the more expensive things. Then comes the coin of variable value. Insert it to the gun. It may have a ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred value. You have to shoot into groups of bubbles, which best suit nominal cost of finnancial amount. Remember that if you shoot ten value coin at the goods, such as seventeen value, you lose the ten. The same happens with higher amounts. If you fail to adequately use the money, you must repeat the level. To repeat, however, you have only two attempts, and if you still fail, you start again from beginning. The game also provides you with bonuses, which can assist in your event. Most often it will be pink gift, which partly replaces the goods of a particular value. The game offers two modes, however, they are essentially very similar. In one you travel from one shop to another via icons, the other offers, that everything will go automatically. Time limit is set the same in both modes.

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Shopping Marathon Shopping Marathon Shopping Marathon Shopping Marathon Shopping Marathon

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