Funny pun very similar to Arkanoid, so you could simply define Sproink. Have fun with aliens and try to save their entire family to escape through a deep gorge. Collect bonuses, and shoot the gems as fast as you can.

The playing surface shows two aliens in a wheelchair, which has a hollow, one could say the hole. When you look above you will see many beautiful gems. Here there some tremble, at it comes your time. Come by the car under and grab it. Then it was propelled into a group of at least three crystals of the same color. In this way, disposing of the entire wall. However, this is a small catch. Below the car are multicolored lines. Once it hits a sharp rock, always one line disappears. In the event that all disappeared, the car crashes and need to level again. At another level even meet bi-colored crystals, which are able to adapt their color to the surrounding environment. Sometimes spacecraft goes trough, if you hit it, get a bonus. Much better is to wait for what it drops. Trifle has nice warm graphics, but to my taste is fairly stereotypical and more for the younger age group.

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Sproink Sproink Sproink Sproink Sproink

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