Armagetron AD

Armagetron AD

Do you remember Tron movie and motor cycle races? Yes, coming. There is original and this is remake of freeware. It goes by name ArmagetronAD.
Tron the movie from 1982, which has new part coming this year, was used many times as theme for different projects. Armagetron Advanced is simulation based on motorcycles from Tron movie. From 2004 many enhancements were made and as time has gone on it has become Advanced. it has better graphics and few more game mods. You pilot futuristic motorcycle and race against opponents on various maps. What is surprising that you get full 3D graphics. Multi-player is possible too and even on official servers. I recommend this game wholeheartedly and if you crave info before movie comes out, play it, or watch original from 1982. Have fun.

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Armagetron AD Armagetron AD Armagetron AD Armagetron AD

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