F1 Chequered Flag

F1 Chequered Flag

F1 is here in full beauty and arcade driving. Start your engine, accelerate and enjoy the race feeling on 20 circuits with great graphics. But be careful, the opponents are always behind you.
I was feeling some worries about having too strong simulator in my hand but it turned out to be a total arcade in the end. You don’t choose any vehicle, championship. It’s only racing on several tracks to unlock the next by winning. The feeling of racing is great, the graphics is perfect. When you drive really fast the screen turns a bit blurry and someone can mind it. The drivers can use boost but to fill it back you have to crash into someone or overtake him by close move. This means that you cannot driver away from you opponent because you won’t have any higher speed.

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F1 Chequered Flag F1 Chequered Flag F1 Chequered Flag F1 Chequered Flag F1 Chequered Flag

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