NEXUM: Cold Heat

NEXUM: Cold Heat

Nexus is insanely crazy racing game where you saddle snowmobiles. Everything will depend on your driving and shooting skills, as is clearly at stake your life. An explosion, mine, enemies, everything could compromise you and I'm still not counting obstacles.

When you arrive at these races live or just survive the other, so you can be considered as a walking success. Most are non-lethal bullets, but those damned rocks and the boulders of the road. If you have the game to add mines and assault helicopter, which does not discriminate to whom it fires, then we have an aspirant to the game of the year in terms of difficulty. First you choose a character for which you want to play. The difference is just in a special gun that is really different. From shotguns to a very aggressive bats. Then you set how long you want a track, as a difficulty, how many enemies and so on. Then you can go to the death race. Everything was average to above average, but controls cost me a few nerves. The ride is so sensitive to any movement that reaching halfway down the race in one cluster is a miracle. If you do have to aim also, really do not stay dry armpits.

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NEXUM: Cold Heat NEXUM: Cold Heat NEXUM: Cold Heat

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