Police Supercars Racing

Police Supercars Racing

The dream of many young boys is to go by a police car. Even driving it would be nice, because you know you are unbeatable going about solving another serious crime. Try to follow navigation unit to get to a set location in a time limit.
First the game will let you know a simple story. It is a right time to be a public hero and save the day, so you emerge on the street. You may use a sole car model. Green light means you go into action. Go by signs, which you can see above and try to be the fastest. Beat the time limit, which you can see on the h-u-d. Don't crash anywhere and nor loose time with mindless drifts. The curves are the hardest thing you will ever face here. They use to be sharp and don't be fooled to think that you may pass at a full speed. Press alt to accelerate and honk. It is available only for certain period. The game has a very nice graphics and clear sound, however it lacks more dynamism and suspense. If you fail to finish in the time limit, it is fine as long as you don't mind to miss a victory piedestal ovations.

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Lenka Skanderová / Margueritte


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Police Supercars Racing Police Supercars Racing Police Supercars Racing Police Supercars Racing Police Supercars Racing

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