Stunt Rally

Stunt Rally

The mood today, for a little ride? Really stretch traction and visit different environments? If so, do not miss this great open source game. The word perfect in this case is perhaps an understatement.

What is interesting about this piece is that it is not about racing in the true sense. This piece offers an absolute pleasure to ride free, to overcome any obstacle, and there mainly to create your own tracks. The selection is an integral number of tracks, but I throw you down the various links where you can download various accessories and upgrades. Cars are in essence the same, but still have slight differences. On the ride you can set a pile of different things, mainly the graphics mode. Graphics there is actually one of the two greatest pleasures and squeezes the editor of the OGR, running, the real maximum. The second aspect of the game is a nice driving model that responds to any change in terrain or mismanagement. So far there are no direct competition with other players or AI opponents, but it will surely benefit the time, as I have suggested that this is an open-source project. Editor is clear and absolutely perfect in terms of detail. However, it should be a moment to play with him before managing to learn the basics. Almost a perfect game with a bright future.

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Stunt Rally Stunt Rally Stunt Rally Stunt Rally Stunt Rally

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