SWERVE (by Sascha Swiercy)

SWERVE (by Sascha Swiercy)

Race with toy cars do not mean just fast transit through bends, but in this case also depends on how well you use shortcuts to avoid traffic in the opposite direction and both manage to control your vehicle.

Each of the above-mentioned aspects is a separate element of the game, which makes the title, perhaps surprisingly entertaining.

At the beginning you choose a car. You have at first three models to choose from, making some other calls requires that you won the championship, so fast on the track, first on the simplest circuits. Go trough circuits on the difficulty gradually rising and racing on it from the top view. Car then control arrows and it is not surprising that from the back you won't assign to the next round. If possible, be the first. Among other competitors who are slower than you, you need to pay attention both to the car driving in normal traffic in both directions and on street objects such as fences, lights, bushes that do not pass. As it is, of course, the speed is essential, to avoid all the obstacles is not easy, even a small crash will bring your car into skid and tough competition almost always means a drop in the standings. On the other hand, you can instil the lost distance again. In addition, the AI controlled cars are a step slower, you can map travel quite freely. They are not shortcuts in a typical sense. Say you have around very broad line or alley, to which you can enter. And so follow the map and don't give up any race.

Physics of the cars is a hard arcade. I did not produce damage, but the sharp passing at full throttle it drifts nicely. Fair races, which pulls down a small bug. On my taste at high speed blurs a bit more than I'm comfortable. However, this disadvantage can be turned off in settings. And lastly there are the game modes. The championship was already mentioned, in essence. Single Race, and is used for testing and setup such as traffic congestion. In this case deserves to mention the music that accompanies it frantic racing.

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SWERVE (by Sascha Swiercy) SWERVE (by Sascha Swiercy) SWERVE (by Sascha Swiercy)

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