Volvo - The Game

Volvo - The Game

Volvo - The game is exciting race game in cars of one make. With chosen type you can cruise circuits on time trials, against AI opponents, or live on-line, if you register.
The most interesting part is graphic implementation. You will drool, when you browse menu with car models. Camera is adjustable. You have drivers seat look, outside look, by wheel look and may rotate view side-wise.
Game-play is as expected from a race game. You pick a car and a circuit and go race. Goal is to end at first place. If you expect arcade style, then I must disappoint you. Masterful driving is essential, otherwise you will be visiting retarder soon.
From start you have six cars and two circuits selection. It does not seem much, but everything has high standard. Options are wide and heavily customizable. It is possible to destroy your car, it is still possible to finish race, however with some recourse.
So there you have it. Realistic drive simulation race game with Volvo cars. It is not for everyone, but those of you, who enjoy realism, will enjoy this game too.

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Volvo - The Game Volvo - The Game Volvo - The Game Volvo - The Game

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