Simple is good. When is the first look at the title, you will see a basic and relatively simple tracks designed. But once you take off the car ahead (again this is no sports car), the game becomes very pleasant and relaxing affair.

The game is divided into several levels according to difficulty, in which you are trying to finish. A simple concept that gives extra pluses physics engine. Despite the obstacles on the track, you can freely roll, roll and jump, especially if you go forward. The car is indestructible. In the finish will then compute the time. The latter you can then overcome and also collect stars. Level of course you may not go trough at full pace without a hitch, and some little places require a certain speed and accurate estimate of the jump. I think that the tracks pass quickly and sincerely to overcome your own time and collect the stars is not too full moneymaker. So at least there is multiplayer, where on a separate screen, can play up to four players, although at one keyboard.

Overall, the game offers a leisure issue which certainly entertained briefly.

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