A Home Far Away

A Home Far Away

The RPG maker had had its time of glory already a couple of years ago, however excellent games are still made thanks to this piece of software. Today we offer a game named A Home Far Away. The name suggests a theme and I can assure you, that it will be an entertaining journey.
What happened? You live in a village of name Everdale and usually there is not much to do. A small celebration is planned, a farmer misses hens, however soon things get moving, when you start to search for a missing fellow. You journey deep inland and after time discover a big city far away from home. The city is full of quests, of course. A sad clown, or pirate raids and more. Excellent RPG game. You collect experience thanks to battles and quest completion, talk with lot of people and try to investigate what is going on. The play length is about seven hours and the game offers day/night cycle. Enjoy.

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A Home Far Away A Home Far Away A Home Far Away A Home Far Away

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