Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends

Let’s go fulfilling some quest, fight various battles all in free download. The RPG lovers surely know Dragon Age. Few heroes are waiting for your orders.
Make your hero and start fighting, gaining equipment, evolve the person and upgrade your castle. The whole game system is split into the main story and your castle where you buy new rooms, workers and items. The characters go through typical RPG evolution.
The whole worlds contain some kind of fields where the story continues or you have to fight. The stereotype is really felt here. The best parts are the battles itself. At first, choose the member of your group, there are characters for close combat, ranged combat with various weapons. Their group position is important as well, strategists will find fun.
This RPG contains some interesting stuff, tactical battles aren’t bad and the character and castle evolution is fine. But the whole game isn’t perfect and can become stereotypical.

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Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends Dragon Age Legends

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