Lost Valley

Lost Valley

Freeware combination of Diablo and old, but great Golden Axe. Become a hero in this well made RPG. Great graphics and beautiful fights will please you, so go ahead!

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Sebine | 30.01.12 pm31 16:34

Horrifically annoying 30 minute cinematic intro NO readme detailing what fucking keys do WHAT Fuck this garbage

Neto | 08.12.11 pm31 23:30



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esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:02:05

esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:01:50

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23.02.2015 pm28 14:50:00

The version on the website is much newer! This download is very outdated!
23.02.2015 pm28 13:12:48

I like games
21.02.2015 pm28 13:47:41