You mythological adventure begins on a boat, with your parents, which gets under attack of a sea monster and only you are able to escape riding on a dolphin. The beginning gave me discomfiture but after the first exploration of one city I started to believe in this game. You new life is combination of mythological stories, gods influence, RPG style gaming with many enemies, dungeons, temples, items and fights. The level up part isn't so great because you have only three basic attributes and for every level you get one point to use. The technical part is brilliant, probably the best 3D game made in Game Maker (GM). I know for these days this thing is getting old but if great creators have good idea and can combine it with their skills and music you get one hell good game.
The only problem is with camera, especially when you stand with your back to the wall and some fights can be made better.

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Mythology Mythology Mythology Mythology Mythology

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