Every fan of RPG games pay attention, japan RPG even more, best coupled by young now. We have here a demo version of longly awaited game Recettear. Is it worth playing? Read on.
The Recettear was published in 2007 in Japan and has become a sound hit. It was recently translated to English. The plot is centered around a small girl, who opened a store with various things. Such a little junk shop in a fantasy world. In this japan fantasy world you need explore dungeons, fight monsters and gather loot. It a japan rpg classic. Anime theme, crazy dialogue, explosive fights, it makes excellent mechanism. Shame is, this is only demo version. It takes about two hours to finish.

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a man | 04.04.15 am30 09:28

Its the fucking demo


Recettear Recettear Recettear Recettear

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