And it's once again time for heroes who boldly venture into various dungeons and they become fast food for the local creatures. I really wonder if you can change this and afford a fair remuneration.

The music is usually not bad and in game is even-listening, but in the opening menu, rather alarmed, this is in addition to a weaker graphics about the only shock. The game is the standard freeware game, which is no surprise, but does not offend either. Take on the role of a lone hero who goes to try his luck in some of the dungeons. They are absolutely randomly generated and pass through them is not easy, just one error and the game over is not far away. The truth is that you can even put quite a time, since it is a turn-based game, a play on rounds. Since it is an RPG game there are also gaining experience in each level and improve the character and of course, collect various items. You can use different, but each character can or can not use them. What I really liked the variety of creatures, just with a few pixels can still do things.

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