Warlocks Gauntlet

Warlocks Gauntlet

Diablo 3 will be up for some time and a variety of freeware games on this topic is not too much. Therefore we will now offer the ultra-right diablo release. So get yourself a new mouse and order more, this game sweats your finger.

So, are you ready? Today we get into the role of magician, who is not somehow defenseless, as they will have to deal with hundreds or thousands of enemies. He cannot play as someone else, but really it is more than an hour to do. Take-up is a bit slow, but at least gives you the space to begin to understand the magic that you can use and which you gradually learn by experience and your level. I recommend to go mainly in one element, my favorite fire was the clear choice. During the battles on the map is really good practice to destroy hatchery of enemies, since the higher the level of the game is really frantic and makes not one the armpit sweat. There are also big bosses, who are mostly not a problem when they don't have move around thirty other bodyguard creatures. Graphics are not the biggest priority, but personally I quite liked it. This is a bird's-eye perspective and don't look for too many details.

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Warlocks Gauntlet Warlocks Gauntlet Warlocks Gauntlet Warlocks Gauntlet

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