Air Attack

Air Attack

Have you ever wanted to sit in the plane of the second world war and shoot the enemies? You can now. Try this one action-piece, where you can enjoy a huge number of missions, battles, lots of shooting, demanding effects and sound , that immerses you into the very heart of the war.
The basis is the map, across which you move . Each station represents one mission, which will have a major task for you . Usually this will be the destruction of an enemy target . This will be an aircraft or naval ships. The first levels is the target practice. Control of the aircraft, however, you may first need to learn . The mouse is quite sensitive, so it requires practice to get the balance . Do not worry, the game does not allow you to do it with a plane stuck in the sea or land, which many of us will come in handy:) Aim the same way as you fly. You can shoot with the left mouse button. The right is intended for rockets. In addition, along the way for destroying pile of aircraft and ships, you can come to a decent bonuses in the form of pharmacies, or improved shields and weapons. Attention! Bonuses can also be gunned down in which case you won't receive nothing, and no matter how much you would like to. It is necessary to distinguish it from a distance, whether it is an enemy plane or something pleasant. Remember that your plane is quite fast and you may miss a lot of goals. Nothing happens. The authors thought of it. You simply fly until you complete the mission. Just need to watch out for your health level, which is designated as a long red line with the heart symbol. Full details of the mission you will learn early in the game or during the mission in the report form. Enjoy the year such as 1942 and others. The game is stunningly beautiful, but it affects the loading, which is rather longer than many other free games The effects are more than good, unfortunately it is rather exhausting to look at screen for longer period, will soon start burning eyes. And if you turn the sound on full blast, experience something hot.

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Air Attack Air Attack Air Attack Air Attack Air Attack

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