Das Uberleben

Das Uberleben

Base Jumping Simulator? I have never played something like this. And it’s for 7 players? Don’t hesitate, this is pure original, addictive and great fun for groups of people. Read and download.
Das Uberleben may sound as German but it’s easy to understand it. Just set up the map, number of players, some conditions (blood, rotation) and go jumping. The goal is surviving the fall until you land. Single-player isn’t as gorgeous as playing with friends but it keeps some magic. The worlds are various. Once, you fly around huge worms or you can avoid some magical orbs. The visual is something like retro average, nothing great but it’s not important here.

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samuel | 15.07.13 am31 08:18

fun, but unfortunately, theres no onine play.

bob | 02.04.13 pm30 23:10



Das Uberleben Das Uberleben Das Uberleben Das Uberleben

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