Fashion Craze

Fashion Craze

Those who ever serviced people in a shop know how difficult it could be. If you want to try it once more in more calm place, download this game and try to be a shopkeeper in a fashion shop.
You have small shop with you own sewing machine so you are able to create everything the customers wish. When some of them arrive put them in an armchair and let them choose from your catalogue. You can offer them a coffee too. When they decide you choose the right color of the cloth a put your dressmaker in work. Then just wait when is everything prepared and made. After giving the costumer his wished product you get the money. But careful with the patience of customers they show their satisfaction showing how the heart is filled. If it is full everything is alright but when when the heart starts getting empty it is time to move your ass a bit. After some time there are more customer and so the work too. You have to handle more things at once but do not be afraid, the game is not so tough and some mistakes are not fatal.

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Fashion Craze Fashion Craze Fashion Craze

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