Like the diggers and miners in the game, also I and following you also found a gold vein. Infiniminer is purely a multiplayer game, no story, no cinematics, gameplay is the main motivator that there is more than a blessing. Just good indie game.
The game was released last year, but it does not change the fact that the graphics are actually a bit worse, but it is about the only minus for this game. As hinted, it is a multiplayer game. You can choose between two modes. The first is a competition, you have to find the treasure and that it can reach the surface, you will get a score. The second is the Sandbox, experienced people know what it is. This is not a competition and you can not really win, rather you play the gods and you create and recreate what you can. So if you are looking for a game for a moment of relaxation and entertainment I would recommend this gem. But it may happen that you won't let it go for a long time.

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minecrafter123 | 31.12.16 am31 03:03

Minecraft copy!!!!!! all report

jméno | 15.12.15 pm31 16:16


jméno | 15.12.15 pm31 16:15


pewdsIsSaladlower | 15.12.15 pm31 16:15

10/10 best game ever wit out virus!!!

HelpDickStuckInACow | 15.12.15 pm31 16:13

good game but doesn't work :(


Infiniminer Infiniminer Infiniminer

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