Kickboxing Manager

Kickboxing Manager

Have you always wanted to become owner of a boxer school? Now, you have a great opportunity to make your dreams true in this great simulation.
I was a bit careful when beginning playing Kickboxing Manager, because I didn’t know if it really offers what I want. The result is more than surprising.
You begin with training your first students and one first professional boxer. Through training you increase his or their skills but you must choose carefully, some things improve his skills but some can decrease some attributes in the same moment. The matches are like in any other simulation an manager. You can watch the whole match with all the thrilling moments or just jump over. During the break you can even give some advices to your boxer.
The whole training building and equipment can be improved for money to grand you more boxers and so more opportunities. But this all is for a long run. Getting into the world of famous boxing tournaments takes training and training, a lot of matches and a lot of fails. For fans of martial arts this game offers a lot of fun.

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Kickboxing Manager Kickboxing Manager Kickboxing Manager Kickboxing Manager Kickboxing Manager Kickboxing Manager

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